3 Days Of Freedom

I honestly don’t know what I am doing with my life. At one point I take a stand for myself and wish to live life on my terms and at the other point I look at the practicality of the situation and curb my desires.

Today’s post which I am writing is about the limited days I have, to be free. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And on Monday I will be having my intermediate (Chartered Accountancy) course classes from 1 in the afternoon to 8.30 at night. To top it all off I don’t even like Accountancy! And yet I will be going everyday for classes till January 2018 (Happy Crappy New Year!). 

The next thing you readers would be thinking is why are you doing this course then? The answer is very simple – Family Pressure. Yes, my family precisely my parents have big expectations from me. They want me to complete the Chartered Accountancy course so that I can get the handsome cheque every month in my account.

This is the practical situation. If you want to earn then forget about what you ever wanted to do. Every night while I lie in bed I just keep thinking this through… What I wanted to become and look now what has become of me. I wanted to be an economist, work at a bank and save the money earned to travel the whole world. Instead for the next nine months I would be thinking whether or not I will pass the intermediate exam.

I am often whiny and cry in my articles but tell me one Indian who isn’t as messed up as I am. An Indian graduate degree won’t get you any job so you have to join a professional course to earn that extra. This professional course is obviously more difficult than the degree and the worst part we have to do both simultaneously. It feels like our dreams are crushed forever. The people who might be liking Accountancy would hate it given such a rigorous time consuming course this is.

So coming back to my title, I am enjoying as much as I can, from movie marathons to sleeping like a lazy minion, I don’t think I have left anything. It just feels like heaven but hell is going to embrace me soon.


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