A rush of nostalgia

It is raining in India and the best thing is to play guitar by the window (for guitar players) or have hot snacks (pakoda) with black tea or even better just watch the droplets fall while reminiscing all those beautiful times. Maybe it is something that rain brings with it every year that has this awesome nostalgic feeling about itself.

Two years back, I missed the most important event of my high school – Farewell. I am still so sad about not attending it, I literally regret it every moment. That was the last time I was gonna see some of my classmates, I guess I did not realize it at that moment. I cried yesterday because of the times spent with my school friends whom I do not even meet anymore.

Things have changed in these two years. I have become more mature and possibly developing hormones too. I had feelings for this guy in high school but I never had the guts to tell him that I like him. So I just kept it to myself and now I see him but we don’t talk anymore. I had a really good time with him and thinking about it makes me really sad.

Moreover, rains remind me of so many different people that have come and gone in my life but there is a slight difference – they have left an impact on me and changed my life. I sometimes do wonder whether I have left any impact on their lives like they did on mine.

Rains remind me of dreams, endless dreams I have of studying abroad, living abroad and most importantly having and doing all that that I cannot do right now because of financial constraints. For a while I forget the reality and go into these fairytale stories that I know will never come true but it takes away the stress from me. I feel alive again and refreshed to do anything. Maybe that’s why I wait for rains so desperately every year.


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